Diskwarrior taking forever!


Hi, I have a Powerbook G4 867 MHz and it ran into a big problem with the HDD. iTunes hung one fine day and I got a notice saying I had to restart, but when I did, the question mark folder came on screen. I checked with Disk Utility from the boot disk, and it stated a problem with my directory structure. I can't remember the error message, something to do with a b-tree error, but when I checked it on the net, Diskwarrior seemed to fix other Powerbooks with the same problem.

I bought a copy (version 3.02) and have been running it on a iBook G4 1.03 GHz (Tiger) with 768MB ram to my Powerbook in firewire target disk mode. My problem is that it's been going on for little more than a week detecting overlapping files, last i checked it was up till about 4000+ files. Right now the programme seems to have ceased to respond. I get the "App not responding" message in the dock but when I checked, Diskwarrior was still running. My question is, how long does it usually take to fix, and is it futile for me to let Diskwarrior continue running?

The HDD is 80GB, standard issue on the earliest Powerbook 12" Al models. I've been running it rather stupidly for 2 years without much maintenance.

Thank you. I really really need the data on that disk!


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Diskwarrior can take up to 20 hours or more in certain cases where the damage is severe enough and the hard drive is full enough. More than likely, though, a good repair time for an 80GB drive with severe damage and full to 70% capacity should take 10 hours or less. Taking longer than that is not out of the question, though.

If you've left it running for a week, it may still complete successfully, but it's time to decide if the data is worth trying to recover, or whether you'd save more time reformatting the drive and reloading your data from your backup set.