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Sounds like Disney axes 650 people, mainly in higher positions. Whether that's a good or bad thing, I can't make out, since that's not a language I actively speak...


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Because Disney owns Pixar now, which used to be owned by Steve Jobs, who is now the CEO of Apple... kind of like a "6-degrees of Kevin Bacon" thing, I suppose...

...although neither Pixar nor Disney are associated with Apple, though.


By the same logic, we should be kept up to breast with the goings-on with HP calculators and VW vans because Jobs and Wozniak used to own those.


Oh, c'mon, you know you're not suprised when Pixar movie trailers are featured on the QuickTime web site.

And I think Pixar's renderfarm is all Xserve now.

Something's happening in the shadows, there. ;)


You are mistaken on both accounts. Several studios have trailers featured on the QuickTime web site. Pixar's current renderfarm is now composed of Dells.


Right... my point was that Pixar movies are never NOT featured on the page.

I suppose the Xserve thing was a rumor that somehow got stuck in my head. Excuse me. heehee.


OK, i work for pixar and here we go:

1.They DO have dells as servers in the main pixar office in USA, i work in Mèxico (they are now editing some parts of the films that are customized to the language in the region, this case spanish). But they DO have xserve as well, see, windows is basic on all officed work, as of the apps used on all the design team, 100% apple computers, are private branded, made BY Pixar FOR Pixar. And it does matter the Steve Jobs issue, in a technical point Disney bought pixar, but it was bought with stocks, that made steve the chairman, and Disney, as far as it looks like, will go on all animated movies when it comes to cartoons, we have 2 projects on the go for next year, both animated,the difference only looks this way:

Disney presents a Pixar picture

Disney/Pixar presents.

And by the way, Pixar originally was software for NeXT computers, lots of imaging software was Pixar.