Display Attachments In Body Of E-mail.


Is there a way to do this either by sender or receiver of e-mail from Apple Mail or other e-mail programs? Want to send newsletter.

Apple forum had no response. Lets hope we can do better.
What do you mean by display attachments? What kind of attachments? Do you want to see the content of the attachments, whatever they are, or just the fact that attachments are there?

My method does involve some work. I suspect any endeavor, except the most trivial, will involve some work. What do you want to achieve?
Ah - you want your pdf to be an inline attachment.
I would say no to using an inline attachment that is a multipage document, all within your email message.
You would then have to assume that the recipient has the right configuration to view all of your document inline within the email. That, to me, is not a good assumption to make for every system.
Much better, I think, is a simple attachment, that you just click to open - or right click and save the attachment for viewing when you choose to do that.
But then I dislike getting emails with multiple inline jpegs, too. Those usually are eligible for "tl;dr" in my admittedly-small world.
Apparently a lot of non for profit organizations are distributing newsletters by inline documents. They can do this with Microsoft Publisher (PC only). My daughter works for a non for profit organization that wants to do the same. I was hoping there was a Mac solution. Apparently not.