Display fades


...I have a 2x3Ghz quad core intel Xeon Mac Pro running 10.5.8

After waking it from sleep, the display screen is always faded and I have to reboot/restart the machine to bring the full color back.

...does anyone understand why this happens, or how I can fix this without always having to restart?


What else have you tried, other than a restart?
For example...
Turn the display power off then back on.
Open System Prefs, then Displays. Click the Detect Displays button (should be on that pref pane)
Change resolution to some other value, then return to highest resolution. That's the native resolution, giving you the sharpest image on an LCD screen.

You posted several months ago about looking for a higher quality replacement vid card. Are you still using the old one (9600XT, as I recall?)
If the same problem continues, you should try reseating that video card, by removing it from its slot, and then firmly reseating. That might clear up some minor issues, and is worth a try.


Thanks for your suggestions...I've already tried all of them except reseating the video card...I'll try that..it's not the display...


Maybe try zapping PRAM. Would be interesting to know if happens on another monitor. If its an aging or heavily used LCD display could be a dying ccfl tube.