Display resolution problem!!!


I have just moved home, and as most of you are probably aware just by simply turning your mac off and packing it up and moving to new location, somehow this means you are subjected to problems and changes when you reboot at the new location.

This time I have had my resolution changed!!!! When I go to change it back to 1280 x 1024 it only gives me a limited amount of resolution sizes with the biggest being 1024 x 768 which on a 15" LCD (NEC) the dislpay window accessed via System Preferences - Displays, takes up 2/3 of the screen making it impossible to work on in any application.

How can I increase the amount of options in my resolution list, I have tried switching to 9.2 and then I can change to my desired resolution, no worries. Tonight I am going to try and hook up my G4 to another monitor (17" CRT), change it and then resort to my NEC to see if i can keep the resolution that way.

Can anyone help..... please ....

I have a G4 1.25Gb - 512mb RAM
Are you sure that the maximum resolution of that 15" LCD isn't 1024x768? That's a pretty standard resolution for a 15" LCD monitor. Is this the same monitor you had hooked up at the previous location, before moving the computer?

Most LCDs (at least the ones I've encountered) will not display any resolutions higher than their "native" resolution -- only lower resolutions, which suffer quality degradation in the downsizing.

Your 17" CRT will support 1280x1024 just fine (at least my 17" Studio Displays (dsub-15) do).

It's probable that the computer is sensing the type of monitor you have connected and offering resolutions that are compatible with that specific monitor.

There is software available that will allow you more resolutions options:
But fair warning: you can easily select a resolution that is incompatible with your monitor, which in rare cases can damage the monitor, but mainly leads to an inability to switch the resolution back, and is a PITA to fix.
I concur completely with ElDiabloConCaca, but there is one thing you might try. Reboot while holding down the Command+Option+P+R keys until you computer "chimes" at least four times and then release the keys and allow it to boot normally. It will take longer to boot because Open Firmware will need to completely rebuild the device table but it forces re-recognition of all devices including your monitor. This re-recognition can make your Mac realize there are other resolutions available for your monitor.