Do you use DVD?

Do you use DVD Player?

  • I can't live with out a DVD ROM and DVD Player

  • I have a DVD ROM but never watch movies

  • I wish I had a DVD ROM drive

  • I don't have one and I don't care

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Thinking Different
I would like to know how many of you watch DVD movies on your Mac? I have a DVD drive and I never watch DVD videos. What about you...
I only rent DVD's since I got my TiBook and it's my only DVD player. I can't stand the resolution of a TV screen anymore so I'd never get a "real" DVD player, at least until I can afford one of those huge HDTV's.
HDTV + Killer surround System + Maxed out macintosh = One killer entertainment + productivy combo ;)

On a "to the point" note, the only thing I dont like about watching DVDs on my mac is that I have a 15" screen. I would like to invest some $$$ in a cinematic display at some point (that is if my computer doesnt become too old too fast :p)

I use mine on my G3+19" monitor with hacked DVD Player:D (thanks to whoever figured that one out!). I also use my TiBook which gives much better quality. My friends here at college and I are planning on taking over a room with a built in projector and watching movies on a large screen via my TiBook--that will be sweet!!

We occaisionally watch DVDs on the iMac or with the PB attached to a TV. However, I just got a Quicksilver with a Cinema Display for use at my office. I tried watching Gladiator on this and it was fantastic. Apple should advertise a setup like this in the high end video shops just as a DVD player, not even as a home computer. To do this right they would have to bring out the 5.1 channel audio somehow.

By the way, I also tried watching some VCD files and they display extremely well. Quicktime 5 does a really good job with these and they are about half the price of DVDs.
Originally posted by jarinteractive
My friends here at college and I are planning on taking over a room with a built in projector and watching movies on a large screen via my TiBook--that will be sweet!!

I work in a top secret car design studio with three huge virtual reality screens forming one entire wall of the darkened digital design room. Once we plugged in my TiBook to the system and had iTunes (mostly Kraftwerk) going 20 feet high and about 90 feet long. It was a trip to say the least, especially the 8 foot high apple logos when the graphics first started up.:cool:
if you have a decent sized screen, surround processor, amps, dvd player, speakers + sub... AND a nice comfortable thing to sit on... I guess you wouldn't use a computer to watch a DVD...

nowadays, multi channel receivers are getting better w/more features... decent DVD players are getting cheaper... and there're many 5.1 speaker systems that deliver good quality at bargain price... about the only thing that's still hard to find is a big TV that you can live with for a while at reasonable price... if you dont' mind having a big heavy TV, you can get a home entertainment system you can live with for more than a few years... for just a couple grand... the only problem is that audio is like computer... if you get into it, you always get the itch to upgrade.. and before you know it... I guess we all know this shit...

I do believe you can enjoy DVD on computer monitor... after all, I still enjoy music from my friend's 'boombox', crappy car stereo, or football on 14" tv on somebody's yard (and I bet I'll be doing that if I only had a yard)

about the only question I have is... do you move the monitor to your living room when you watch DVD? do you cram chairs into your room/office where-ever your computer is? or you all got huge rooms?
Never :eek: !!!!
That is a crime against DVDedness!!!! :p
The first thing I bought after I bought my G3 +SCSI card was a DVD ... starship troopers :p
i think dvd in a computer is worthless. go buy a freaking dvd player for $150-$400 and watch it on yer tv. if you have a laptop and travel then that needs a dvd drive. otherwise there's no software really and it's so much better on tv then computer to watch movies.

if you wanna rip dvd's for other people then you want a dvd drive.
Wasn't Balder's Gate supposed to come out on DVD? That's the real reason to have DVD: not having to switch CDs in the middle of games. If only the Myst games came on DVD...
Drawbacks for TV/DVD

1) Not portable
2) Region locked (yuck!)
3) TV screen not as good as could be for DVD.
4) Privacy. You dont know how many times I get the "I cant believe you rented a stupid sci-fi" film whenever I watch something on the living room TV. In my room, in my computer I can watch as many Sci-Fis as I want :p

Now if you have a small computer monitor then fine, a TV is better.
I've got a TV that's older than I am, about 26 yrs old. Buying a set top DVD player would be like putting a silk hat on a pig. But my, oh my, do my DVDs look gorgeous on my 17" Studio Display. Its my only player and I don't mind one bit. I ordered the DVD extra just cuz I knew it would be worth it for the extra $99 it cost.

Of course now, 2 years later, my hardware DVD decoding isn't supported in my favorite and "most advanced" operating system.

I feel your pain ;)

Of course I have the solution to that problem (a hack) on my desktop but too lazy to boot into X and try it out... maybe tomorrow :p
You see, I have this thing, it's called a TV (short for television) and I have this other thing called a Mac (short for Macintosh Computer). On the TV I watch programs and movies. On the computer I do work and play games. For me, the two do not mix.

Just being a smartass, but seriously I have never understood this thing about watching DVDs on computers. It's just too uncomfortable and awkward and somewhat dorky to be honest. I played Bug's Life on my iMac just to see how it looked and worked. Sure, it looks nice, but man it's just weird to me sitting upright in a chair 18" from a screen watching a movie unless it's porn, oops, did I say porn?
My friend downloaded a dvd (illegal yes but..) and I was wondering if you can use the Apple DVD software to watch this or if it had to be burned to a DVD first. It's already in DVD format so he thought he could watch it, but his computer doesn't have a DVD-ROM/RAM so he doesn't have the DVD player. So also, where can you get the player? Just use TomeViewer on an install disc?
Watching dvd's on my tv look WAY better then on my 19" monitor. the dvd is more clear etc and crisp on the sony 27" tv then on my 19". the dvd don't look that great on my 19" or any other monitor I've tried. I've tried 3. it just looks so much clearer on the tv. or for that matter any tv in my home.

like i said, portable is good. if not then tv is the way to go i think.