Dock icon on the dock won't go away


I just got a dual 2ghz g4, 1.5gb ram (4 ram slots) with Tiger, and I updated to 10.4.1. Shortly after I noticed that the dock icon actually appears in the dock, and it won't go away.

I searched around a bit and haven't seen any other threads on this, so I thought I should start one. When I right-click (control click) on the icon in the dock it says "Application not responding", and it will either not let me force quit it, or it will quit and restart with the icon in the same place doing the same exact thing. I tried just trashing the icon from my dock, but the dock icon in my dock will just not go away. It's pretty persistent...

It's weird--the dock still seems to work despite the dock icon saying that the application isn't responding.

I hope that's not too confusing.
Try going to "Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilites > Activity Monitor"
End the process "dock". It should restart on it's own.
So, I force quit the process is my Activity Monitor, and that didn't seem to get rid of the looming icon either...

Whoa! That's strange -- and something I've never seen before. I wish I could help!

Have you done any "behind-the-scenes" stuff, like enabling the root user or fooling around with permissions, or perhaps trying to "customize" the OS X install? Perhaps used TinkerTool or Onyx or SOX or some 3rd-party system optimization/customization applications to enable features of the OS that aren't normally available?
Weird! I have no clue what could be going on there. It looks like the dock itself's application icon.

Have you tried dragging it off of the dock into the trash?
firstly, the dock has it's own icon, displaying an iconic version of the dock, and if the dock wasn't responding, how would it tell you like that that it wasn't responding? surely it wouldn't respond?
Ok, so it seems that I may have figured out a way to fix my problem. Hopefully this will work:


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"Is there a reason why there is a dock icon in my dock bar? It will not let me remove it and It wasn't there before? When clicking it, I get the options to "keep in dock", "Open at login", "Show in Finder", "hide", "Force quit", and at the very top (greyed out) shows 'Application not responding'"


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"Thanks to the reply post from Leonard K., the following steps definitely helped. Thanks.

2 hours of phone talk to Apple's tech support resulted in the following:

The Problem seems to have something to do with the temporary files on the computer. Emptying (not deleting!!) these folders helped me:

/Users/<your username>/Library/Caches

If I understood you correctly, this should help."