Does Apple Mouse Have Right Click?


Hi Guys,

I just bought my apple mouse and was wondering for some programs how can i do a right click on the apple mouse, cause i find it very annoying especially in Word for mac finding synomons and stuff.

The Apple mouse (as you found out) has no second button. So the use the second click, just hold down the control button while clicking.

Note for future reference, the second click is called Contextual Menu and the folder for it is in ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items . You can download other contextual menu item for download sites like Also, most all third party mice work natively with OS X.
You could also use a two-button mouse and Mac OS X will recognize the second button as the contextual menu button. This was not the case in Mac OS 9 and below.
You could also use a two-button mouse and Mac OS X will recognize the second button as the contextual menu button. This was not the case in Mac OS 9 and below.

Surely you jest
bobw said:
Surely you jest
OS 9 didn't have built-in support for multi-button mice. You needed to use drivers to map extra mouse buttons to keyboard combinations and stuff. So you could definitely get the same effect (by mapping the second button to control-click), but it wouldn't work out-of-the-box.

Mac OS X, on the other hand, has always had built-in support for up to 32 mouse buttons. Yes, 32. I don't think many apps have standard behaviors for even a 4th button, let alone a 32nd, but hey, the OS-level support is there. :)

Some of Apple's own apps make use of third buttons by default, actually, like Safari. Unlike Windows, Macs CAN be used efficiently with one mouse button, but that certainly doesn't mean they CAN'T be used with more.
sorry. i was sure he wrote "hold down the button" - meaning house down the mouse button (which does give you the same result)
bobw said:
Surely you jest

I guess I should have clarified. You CAN use a two-mouse button on Mac OS 9 and below, HOWEVER all the buttons would act as a "normal click", if you will, instead of having separate actions. This can be remedied as mentioned by Mikuro by the software PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURER OF THE MOUSE, or some third party software. It doesn't work right-out-the-bat in Mac OS 9 and below as it would with Mac OS X.

On my Motorola StarMax Macintosh clone, for example (jsut to complicate things a little further :p), I have two PS/2 ports. I have a regular PC mouse connected to the PS/2 mouse port, but both buttons act as a "left click." I had to download a piece of software written by another StarMax owner called Mouse2B which could map the right-click to anything I wanted. This was the only way I could do it on this particular machine with this mouse on this port.

Had I bought an ADB (pre-USB device ports on older Macs, which my StarMax also has) mouse with more than one button, I'm sure it would be the same...both would act as a left click until I installed the accompanying software.
i want that suggested-4th expose feature (wipe current app away leaving everything beneath intact) so i can justify a 7 button mouse - click, contect-click, expose all windows, expose current app, expose wipe, dashboard and "new-expose"

it irritates me so much using this pc as the middle mouse button does nothing to help clear window clutter in the swift way expose all windows does on my mac