Does OS X Tiger support installation in multiple languages??


Hi, I am new to this forum and totally new to Mac.
I have been using PC for all my life actually.
Since I got a free Mac, I purchased OS X Tiger today from a store.
Before I open the shrink wrap, I thought I would ask.
They didn't have English version (I am in Japan) so I just took the Japanese one. On the side of the box, it does say it supports English, Japanese, Italian etc..... So now I am wondering is there an option to choose at the start of installation??? Can I pick English installation at the start of OS X setup??? thanks so much!!
Yep, it will be in the System Preferences/International Preference Pane that will be in the Dock when OS X starts up.
When you install OS X, it will ask during the install process what language you want. All languages are on the Disks.

You use use the Customize option to install only the languages you want installed, otherwise it will install all the languages, same for printers. Saves space only installing what you need.
Thanks very much all. I'll open the shrink wrap now and start installing.... btw, I noticed OS Tiger is a lot cheaper than Windows XP Pro for example... ...