Donation 2004/thoughts


Rosie Moderator
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Hmmmm, A collection basket. Sounds interesting.


goonies never say die
I say that if anyone has found this site to be helpful in any way, they should at least donate $10 minimum, because there is no other site on the net that even compares to The simple fact of asking a few questions in the forum can save you alot of time, money and sweat & tears. I already donated and I'm willing to donate again because of the amount of help I've received on troubleshooting the computers in my house.


devil's plaything
Somehow this Share-athon thingy doesn't feel like a whole lot of fun. Forum activity was dropping precipitously even beforehand, now this site seems like a ghost town. Not allowing financial non contributors to participate just punishes everyone. I don't think it is a good strategy to raise funds and fear it may ultimately do more harm than good. To put it mildly.


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Andy, sometimes a little pain produces big results. It has in the past, although I have taken a different approach this year and results are totally different. Basically, I tried to "yield" to complaints from last year, but the results are far less.

The share-a-thon has ceased for the time being.... but we will still have a ways to go.