Double Icons on desktop


I have been away from the Forum for a good while, and if I ever did know how to do this, I have
forgotten it and need your help.
I am using a Mac Pro, running 10.6.8. I just finished downloading Google Chrome about an hour ago
and it is working fine, but I have two Google Chrome Icons on the desktop. If I drag one to the trash
and click on the other one, it says something like "cannot open" because Google Chrome is in the trash.
If I reverse and try the other one, I get the same result. How can I get rid of one of these rascals?
Thank You, Jack
You are running Chrome from the image folder.
When you drag that image folder to the trash, then you can't run Chrome (because the folder is, well, in the trash)

You need to Option-drag (copy) Chrome app to your hard drive.
The folder has the Chrome app inside (also an icon that is an alias for your Applications folder)
Drag Chrome app (NOT the folder) to your Applications folder. Or, you could also Option-drag Chrome to your desktop.
That will work, and you can empty your trash.