Downloading 10.1 update


Yes, you've read the title correcly... I want to know where I can download the update CD (I tried HL but they all want me to upload some rare pirated apps before I can download anything).
And before you call me a thief...
-I bought an iMac with OSX installed two months ago
-I was in one of the biggest computer store in Paris the first Saturday; they hadnt received them.
-I went back a week later; still nothing
-Went back yesterday; they got ten in the middle of the week, gone in 2 hours.
-Phoned to about every mac dealer I can think off; none of them had it.

On the whole, I lost about 5 hours trying to get that upgrade, not too mention around 15$ in train and subway tickets. None of the dealers thought they would have 10.1 next week, or ever for that matter.
SO, I'm getting VERY annoyed with Apple, and I've decided that short of buying a free update, something I ABSOLUTELY refuses to do, my only choice is to download it or wait until Apple finaly gets to shipping it. Anyone knows of a HL or Carracho server where I can get it without having to pirate an other app just to provide the server with more pirated softs?


You can get it from my FTP server if you want. Some people have been having speed problems, however. At least one person found that turning on passive FTP fixed them, others haven't been able to get good speeds even though my server hasn't been running at anything near peak capacity lately. Of course, i have also received reports of people getting very good speeds, so you never know. Good luck!

log: macosx
pass: download
Thats the sort of reply I wished I got more often ;-)
Downloading at 15 kb/s, nothing amazing but decent enough. Just a thing: does your server support resuming download? OS9 is bound to crash before I've finished....
Ill make an img file of my os 10.1 update cd tonite and put it in my shared folder for limewire. so u could also download it there.
speed will not be that great (maybe 5-10 kb/s) cause i've only got adsl, but limewire supports to continue broken downloads :)

but beware, i also found a 730 mb file called "mac os x install cd.sit" there in limewire. after i downloaded and unpacked this file, it blew to about 1.3 gb and there wuz no way to get it onto a cd. so u better watch out what ur downloading there!
dont be stupid like me....:D
Yes, my server should support resuming downloads. However, the software I am using is still somewhat new, so I am not 100% sure of it's capabilities. Should work though. and you should be getting better than 15 kb/s. Wish I knew what could be done about that...
It does support resuming downloads... for the speed, how do I switch to passive mode?

145 down, 500 to go...
If you prefer a Carracho site, try: (instead of the IP address)

Login = Mountain
Password = Lion

I've provided limited access to just the OS install/update CD, but it's free and Carracho has an option for resumable downloads. Folks say they're getting pretty good speeds as well. If you can't get on right away, it's because I get a lot of traffic for this update... just keep trying. My connection is stable and it takes between 4 and 6 hours to get the Toast image transferred over...
:cool: :D at 3.5 kb/s... only 35 hours left =(

dbogdan, too many users connected to your server. i'm going to bed now, I'll try again tomorrow unless by some miracle my other download is finished.
Sorry about that. I really wish I knew something I could do to improve speeds. I am on a 10Mb/s connection (actually got up to 11Mb/s before I limited the number of users), and it is nowhere near maximum capacity at the moment, but for some reason people are still having speed problems. Very annoying.
I live in Paris and went to Surcouf the day the 10.1 update was released. I was there
at store opening and got my copy without issue.

I was in there the other day and they were out but said more were on the way.
You may want to give them a call and see if you can reserve a copy.

In the meantime good luck with the download.