Dreamweaver Mx2004 Crashing In Osx10.3


I have been occationally using 10.3 instead of our faithfull 9.2 and am actually starting to like it. We just installed DreamweaverMX04 and began having problems right from the beginning. Unlike others, it starts fine and I can begin using it. I can't really pinpoint where it crashes. Sometimes when I try to open a page, somethimes on saving a page, when I have other programs, ussually Photoshop7 running, sometimes by itself. We have the whole suite loaded but haven't used FW or Flash enough to see if there is a problem.

I have spent almost a week off and on going through the Apple and DW forums and tried many of the suggestions like dumping the DW pref, starting a new User account, troubleshooting the fonts. Dumping the preferences helps for an hour or so but then it will crash again, run disc doctor in Norton which comes up with many major problems like catalog trees, forks, etc. I have unpluged the network and external firewire Drives.

I have reinstalled the system and Dreamweaver.
Dissableing all the fonts I could find seamed to help some. It went a almost a day. I have studied the console crash reports but they don't seam to be consistant. I am not in 10 now or I would try to copy some of those for you if you think it would help.

G4 quicksilver, 1.25G memory 2 hard drives w/ 2partions each. panther is on its own. OWC 512 ram added. HELP! Pretty good at 9, new to OSX
Thanks, Bruce kaiser

Am I the only one with this problem? Right now I have an $800 suite that is pretty much useless, Dreamweaver's own forum is full of irrate users, mac and windows, with similar problems, but not the same ones, and no solid fixes. I was hoping somebody here would have found the same or similar problem and could help me out.
Bruce :confused:
Which version of 10.3 are you running. I have tried DW at work on what seems and older versionr (v6.0) on 10.3.9.

If you select the blue Apple on the far left and select "About this mac" (sorry if this is too basic), this'l tell you what version of the OS is running.

Maybe this is an issue.
Are you manually installing fonts into the /Library/Fonts and ~/Library/Fonts folders? If so, stop doing that and return those folders to a default configuration. Bad fonts are known to cause application instability.

Also, if Norton found a lot of errors on your hard drive, I would think that would be the first problem you tackle and not some application instability. I would also recommend not using a Symantec- or Norton-branded piece of software on your system because they are known to cause problems under OS X.