Dsl Problem

I am trying to get DSL, this is the 21st century after all. I am using os X 10.1. I got my modem from Sprint and set up and account with them/Earthlink. I hooked it all up and ran the installation disk. When it gets to the point in the setup where it tries to ping the server I get the message, "no gateway detected, DHCP server may not be configured correctly".
I have been in the network utility and I can watch the status go from inactive to active when Sprint pings my modem, they say the problem is in the os somewhere. I think I need to check the dsl modem's configuration so it will get an address from the server, but I can not find where or how to do this. I have looked everywhere I can think of and no where do I see either my internal modem or the dsl modem. TIA


U.S.D.A. Prime
As far as I know, DSL is usually PPPoE -- did you set up the PPPoE settings with your username and password in the Network System Preference? I believe you also need to use the Internet Connect application to establish a connection...

Is this what you're doing?