Dual Display on OS X 10.3


Yesterday I was browsing around the Apple store looking at the nifty things they have there and I came accross a iBook hooked up to a monitor making a nice dual display setup where your desktop stretches from one monitor (the defult notebook monitor) to the second display. I have a nice 17" monitor at home so i decided to do it, but when i tirned it on, it only mirrors the image. Is there any program or way i can split my desktop?
thanks guys.
Hmmm...just answered this same question......but oh wells, I'll do it again :)

You want a program called screen spanning doctor, assuming your iBook meets the requirements, make sure you check the requirements page before you install.

Hereis the link to the page for screen spanning doctor. 10.4 compatible :D

Just a fair warning: this is a hack, and is not guaranteed to work, nor is it guaranteed not to harm your iBook. Chances are, 99.9% of the time, it will work flawlessly -- but there is a chance that it will not work. When it doesn't work, there's no telling what will happen -- you may simply not be able to use screen spanning... worst case scenario, it harms your graphics card and makes your iBook unusable (not covered under warranty).

Cool hack; use at your own risk.