Dual G4 Dead Ethernet: Suggest Pci Card, Please


Good day;

I seem to have lost my ethernet port on my Quicksilver Dual 1 Ghz Mac. (We had a lightning storm this morning... !!)

The last time this happened, the Apple store had to replace the motherboard. I had other claims for the insurance company, so this was well into the deductables total.

I'd like to get a moderate PCI card for the replacement function. I see that Sonnet has a Gigabyte card, but this is too nice for my needs, and is close to $100.00, by the time one adds the shipping, etc.

Can someone please suggest a PCI card that will work with my Mac OSX 10.4.2 equiped Mac? (I need sources, model numbers, etc.) MAINLY, it has to work with OSX 10.4.2!

Thank you!



Good day;

It APPEARS that I have reposted this, but in fact this was my FIRST post on this matter. I waited some time, and then noticed that my plea As shown) was not seen on this site.

So, some time later, I reposted the issue. This was seen as expected, and I was granted several nice responses. (Thanks to all!!)

Then, I now see that this "first" post has now appeared. Strange, but true.

And, YES, I sure had no business reposting this same stuff. It was not my intent to double post, but it LOOKS as I had intentionally done this deed.

At any rate, I had reported (in the other post, which had the replies) that I had apparently resolved the no-internet ot Ethernet activity. (In this post: I had a dead Ethernet port on my Mac G4, and also a dead port on my D-Link router! This dual flaw was confusing as I assumed the router was OK.)

However, it looks as if the connection speed (throughput) on the Apple PCI card I now have mounted in my Mac G4 is extremely slow!!

When I reported success before, I had not done any other work other than the "what-is-my-IP" on the web site. This came back right away, so I assumed all was OK.

Bottom line: I do have an ethernet connection on my Mac G4. It is now hooked to a switch, which is fed by the DSL modem. Nothing at all fancy. (I have removed the D-Link router, you see.)

All of the other connections through the switch are normal. All speeds are as expected. Response and throughput is normal with all computers except for the mac G4.

The speed and throughput on the Mac G4 (This is the one with the blown on-board Ethernet port and the slot-5 installed Apple Ethernet card) is dismal. The speeds are slow to the point that even an email cannot be read. (Timeout error...) The what-is-my-IP web site did work, as (apparently) the HTML was small to the point that it did function...

Maybe the reason is that I am using such an OLD Ethernet card in my Mac G4? From the looks of it, this card was designed for a mac PPC 7500 or maybe a Mac II ci.

Thanks again to the group! Your help is greatly appreciated!

(Mike the dufus, as he has double posted...) (Sorry.)http://www.macosx.com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&noquote=1&p=1192919#


U.S.D.A. Prime
Got one thing to try: in the Network pane of the System Preferences, change "Show:" to "Network Port Configurations" and make sure that your built-in ethernet port is unchecked, and that the PCI ethernet card is first in the list (you can drag and drop).

It may be that if the internal ethernet is still checked and is before your PCI ethernet card in the list, it's trying to get network data there first and causing a delay.