Dual G4 Problems


I am having problems lately with my G4. Internet Explorer, safari and itunes keep "unexpectedly" Quitting on me and says that other programs have not been affected. On restarting I am hearing a tone what does it mean? Thanks
Is that tone the same one you hear if you shut the system down, and then boot? That tone (the boot chime) is one that you should normally hear on any Mac.
If it's not the usual chime that you get when you turn on the Mac, then something hardware related is wrong. For example, on an old PowerBook Duo 230 I sometimes get an arpeggiated tone followed by a more dissonant melody. I know there's something wrong....probably memory or something...it's an old notebook. Some systems give a breaking glass sound instead. Regardless, I know it's a hardware issue I'm having, and that might be the same on your end.
Thanks for the response. The tone is not the regular start up tone just a strange tone. It might be a hardware issue.
I have a G4 733Mhz it makes some beeps upon start-up. Usually 1 followed by 2, this normally occurs when the machine is looking for a bootable system volume (I have 3 drives). So occasionally it gets confused and sits at the grey screen a little longer than usual.

Do you have any 3rd party hard-disk controllers installed?

Dispite this however, the machine is still usuable. It just occasionally takes longer to boot.