Dual Monitor Trick?


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Is there a trick to using multiple monitors in OSX? I haven't used 2 since OS9, and cannot figure out where the preferences are. I've got 2 graphics cards in the mac [ati rage pro 128 (pci) and ati radeon mac (agp)], all plugged in and everything. I've got a 20 inch dell lcd, and 17 inch apple monitor.

Now- it should just go into mirrored mode once I plug these things in, right? The rage + apple monitor is dim, and I can't locate the monitor setup stuff i the Displays control panel. The Display CP just has resolution and color options, no multiple monitors.



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Is it possible that perhaps that one monitor is set to an incompatible resolution? Try clicking "Gather Windows" in the Display pane of the System Preferences -- that will bring the display setup windows onto one monitor, so you can change the resolution for the other monitor.

Does your "Display" pane of the System Preferences have an "Arrangement" tab? That should signal the fact that Mac OS X recognizes that there are two monitors present. If it's absent, that would signal a problem...

Also, neither of those cards can support "hot-swapping" the monitors -- did you shut down the computer, plug in the monitors, then power back up, or did you just plug a monitor in while the computer was running? Sorry if that sounds remedial, just covering all the bases...


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and make sure the monitors are not only plugged in before turning the mac on, but turned on as well before booting.


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I did try rebooting, etc "to cover all of the bases" as you said. Double checked that the Display prefs does not have an Arrangement tab, or even a Gather Windows button.

It appears that the rage pro isn't working, as the monitor hooked to it is showing a dark grey screen, like it's on but no signal. Going to make sure it's seated properly, and if it still doesn't work I'm going to try it in another mac. It does show up in the system profiler though---strange.