Dual Monitors/screen Spanning Doctor On Emac


Hi, I'm considering installing screen spanning doctor on my emac but I want to make sure I won't fry it...can anyone help me verify that my system will work? I checked out the screen spanning doctor page, and it appears that I'm within the parameters, but still, a little advice would be great!!

You can't know for sure whether your computer will fry or not beforehand, and there's no way to tell.

Chances are very, very good that the installation will go perfectly smooth and no damage will be done whatsoever, but if you're looking for a 100% guarantee that your computer will be fine both before and after, well, no one can give you that.

There are a lot of success stories about using SSD to enable screen-spanning on their eMacs, iMacs and iBooks... I don't know if I've heard a story of something going wrong.
did you end uip installing screen spanning doctor? if so how did it go, i am very interested in using it on my ibook to make use of the keynote 2 presentor display, i was quite disappointed when i realised i could only mirror
One person's experience with an eMac will have no influence on your experience with an iBook -- if his install went well, your chances of frying your iBook are still exactly the same.

With all due respect to the author of the software, he's done an amazing job making sure that most machines don't fry. But, as with any hack that close to the hardware, there's always a risk.

I'm just trying to say that others' experience with the software has no influence on your experience with the software. It's still "use at your own risk" no matter how many people have success or failure with it.
Diabloconcaca - I'm very dim when it comes to anything but the simplest explanations. Can you expand on why Screen Spanning Doctor should be so hit and miss in terms of possible meltdown. P-l-e-a-s-e, in the words of Tom Hanks, explain it to me like I'm six. Ta,
It shouldn't be dangerous at all -- Apple intentionally "cripples" the iBook in a way that prevents using the built-in video card from doing the spanning... even though the video card is fully capable of doing it. This hack simply "un-cripples" it.

There shouldn't be any harm whatsoever in using the hack, but you are using the iBook in a way that it was not designed to be used in -- that's the only risk... kinda like using a lawnmower to chop lettuce for a salad -- it wasn't mean to do that, and you probably won't harm the mower or yourself doing it, but if you do happen to screw it up, you'd have a hard time explaining it to the mechanic fixing it and he might not cover that kind of use.
ahhh, so that's why no one eats my salads..! Nice analogy, specifically targetted at a six-year-old. Thanks!