Dvd Drive Not Ejecting/reading G4 Qs


Hi - Ive got a G4 Quicksilver 733, i put in a pioneer drive myself and i belive it to be a 107 - the same drive shipped as 'Superdrive' and ive had a bit of an odd problem which began last night...

i would put in a DVD-R movie, and the disk would simply be spat out - without mounting....normal DVD-R data discs read ok and copy from, but after a while, say about 10-15 mins, i push the eject ket on the Keyboard and the eject icon comes on screen, the icon of the disc dissaperas from the desktop but no disc ejects...i have to restart each time - i had the same eject problem with a lacie firewire d2 drive - it goes from the desktop but when u unplug it it comes up with an unsafe removel warniong....also shutting down just hangs on a blue screen. its runing the 10.4.1 OS with latest updates...its driving me mad!!!
I have a Quicksilver 733, and replaced my CD drive with a Pioneer 109 superdrive, and in order to get the drive to work as it should, I had to download and install Patchburn. www.patchburn.de
Patchburn would only be required for a DVR-109 drive under any OS X prior to Tiger (it's got native support in Tiger now, and does not require Patchburn to work).

The DVR-107 has been natively supported since Panther (10.3), and does not require Patchburn to work.

Try zapping your PRAM (hold Command-Option-P-R immediately after restarting/starting up, and keep them held down until your computer reboots about 3 times). See if that helps.