Dvd Playback On Os9.2.1 G3 400 Powerbook



A colleague has brought me his Powerbook (Firewire, OS9.2.1, G3 400) which has recently had a new harddrive installed and a Norton inspired spring clean (in doing so a host of crashing problems have been solved). Now however he is unable to play back DVDs - which he could before.

System Profiler reports that he has a CDROM drive but it also says it is a LG DVDmROM'DRNx0x0B, and under Hardware overview it doesn't contain info about the DVD decoder - but the machine does have "DVD" included in its specs printed on the underside of the machine by the serial number.

In addition I checked that all the appropriate DVD Player and Driver files were listed and active in the Extensions Manager.

When a DVD is inserted it doesn't mount

When DVD Player is run (it doesn't run automatically on insertion of a DVD although the extension for that is switched on) it halts with an error saying it is incompatible with this Powerbook.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the suggestions - but when I went back to the pb (I'd left it online doing all manner of updates I could think of)... hey presto the DVD player was working! Although as far as I could see nothing that would have affected it had changed... like to think that some one of the updates managed to get the machine to properly recognise the player...

Anyway many thanks for the suggestions and advice.