DVD Player 4.6.1 update


In the software update there was some type of problem with playing back dvds. Never expeniced this myself. But have fun everyone and anyone downloading this.
It fixed a bug I've been seeing in the ending of Daredevil, in which the leading lady dies in a way that defies all laws of cinema narrative. Now with the patch, the hero gets the girl and they all live happily ever after.

See what you get if you complain to Apple often enough? :p
Actually, -that- bug was fixed by bringing back Elektra from the dead in, well, "Elektra".
OS 10.4.2 has done nothing to repair the broken DVD player on my Mac G5 2X2 computer.

DVD 4.6.1 has done nothing to help. DVDs fail to play at all. The only remedy I have is to boot off my FW drive with OS 10.3.9 installed. That DVD player works perfectly.

So much for progress Apple!!

I should also add that every other function on my Pioneer 108 DVD-R works perfectly. Burning DVDs, DVD R-DL, CDs, & DATA all work perfectly. Playing CDs in iTunes works perfectly. So, the problem is definitely with Apple's OS 10.4 and the DVD player.
What is the DVD drive you're using? Is it a stock drive, or is it something that you bought on your own? If it is, you need to use PatchBurn or something like that on Tiger as well.
I'm using a Pioneer 108 with firmware 1.20. This DVD player/burner shouldn't be a problem because Apple uses the same one, but calls it a 117 or something like that. DVDs are playing fine with OS 10.3.9 and DVD player 4.0. So, why not with 4.6.1 and OS 10.4?

At any rate, Patchburn has NO association with this problem. I haven't had to use Patchburn with a Mac for a long time. This DVD-R burns, writes, and reads just fine with Toast, Jam, DSP Quattro, iDVD, iPhoto, and iTunes, It just doesn't work with DVD player 4.6. And on top of this, VLC works fine with my Mac G5 2X2 with OS 10.4.2 installed. So, my DVD 4.6.1 problems are directly related to Apple's inability to write decent DVD player software.

Unfortunately, I happen to be in the minority with this anomaly, so I will probably be stuck using VLC for some time before Apple finally catches up to Mac owners that use Pioneer DVD-Rs. It could also be my Radeon ATI 800XL that DVD player doesn't like. It's just very hard to tell, which application is causing the conflict.

But then, that's Apple's job to make sure their software is reasonably compatible with the "REAL World" computer users out here.
Found it.

DVD 4.6.1 and OS 10.4 don't like my RME PCI Audio Card. Apple's DVD player will only work when you use Apple's own audio for output.


Really makes the Core Audio idea really pointless!
I did. Don't worry.

And of course that means that some moron at Apple sits at a desk, looks at my submitted problem, deletes it, and then continues to download illegal songs into his iPod.
Well, I can tell you this. Since sending direct information to Apple, I've recieved nothing in return. Not an acknowledgement, an answer, or an apology for their shoddy software. And this isn't the first time I've had to self diagnose a problem with my Mac or Mac OS Software. It's the "NORM"!

I can actually give you the answer that Apple would give me, had Apple even taken the time to read what was sent to them.

"Apple does not warrenty or support third party software or hardware. Even though third party software and hardware often works with your Apple computer, Apple cannot help you repair problems with these products."

I know this response due to my many, many years of dealing with Apple. 99% of the time, I've had to diagnose and repair my Apple computers, and I've owned over 20.

The idea that Apple introduced "Core Audio" for the sole purpose of creating a system that allows the user to have their own designated audio and midi sources and set-up, and then deliver a useless DVD player that doesn't support "true" core audio specifications, is a travisty.
Filing a bug report doesn't warrant a response -- if the problem is widespread enough, something will be done about it.

Expecting an apology is kind of pompous in my opinion. Apple didn't neglect you or directly cause you distress or anything -- you have a unique setup that doesn't work with one of their applications (DVD Player) -- that's hardly "shoddy" software.

Sucks that you can't get your audio card to work -- the FAQ section on their website mentions that certain cards may not perform perfectly in certain PCI slots... have you tried switching your PCI cards around to see if that will help?
Well, the fact is, many people are experiencing problems with the DVD player in "Tiger" as well as previous versions of Apple's OS. So, to say "widespread enough" is a very dubious statement indeed.

If the film industry can produce a DVD that will play properly on practically every DVD player made, with ALL the different set-ups that people use, then Apple should be able to produce a DVD player that will work with DVDs on every computer they build, regardless of the audio card people choose to use.

RME audio cards are one of the most popular in the music industry, used by music professionals the world over. It's one of the most stable PCI audio cards ever used with the Mac or PC computer. The problem is not with the audio card or the PCI slot it's used in, it's the way Apple implemented their "Core Audio" with their DVD player software. It seems to be almost specific to this particular DVD software. Perhaps to prevent pirate versions of DVD media. However, it won't prevent anything, and it's a nuisance for the user.

Whatever it is, it's wrong, it's shoddy, and once and for all, Apple needs to address the ability to play DVDs on their computers, without hokkus pokkus. It's audio output for Goodness Sake, it's not Rocket Science!!