Dvd Player 4.6 Updgrade


I'm on a G4 v. 10.5.1 and for the past year or so my DVD player hasn't been reconizing DVDs. The message says that the disk has no volumes that Mac OS X can read. I think the version DVD player 3.1.1 and I was told that if I upgrade to 4.6 that may help the problem, but everytime I try to install the upgrade it never works. The DVD player upgrade icon appears, and when I click it, it goes to DVDplayerUpgrade.pkg, but when I click that, nothing happens. What's going on?

Hmmm... there is no Mac OS X 10.5.1 yet... did you mean 10.4.1 or 10.1.5?

DVD Player 4.6 is only compatible with Tiger, and possibly Panther, so if you're running 10.1.5, that may be the reason why it won't install.

To find out what version of DVD Player you currently have, locate the "DVD Player" application inside the "Applications" folder on your drive -- do a "Get Info" on it and it should report the version number.