Dvd-ram On G4 400mhz


hi all, this is the thing... i bought a DVD-ram LG GSA-4120B and i connect the writer onto an external USB device, so my question is, why on earth when i write a DVD Movie with Popcorn, it takes at least 2 hours at 4x???? when it takes at least 10 min???....please i need your help

PD: by the way, when i startup with OS 9.2.2 and go to the software update at control panels, it gives me this firmware update i think it the version 4.1.2 or something like that...is there any way that my problem is related to the firmware update??.

Ohh, i forgot, my running Phanter 10.3.8

Thanks for your help
The writing is so slow because you have USB 1.1 ports, which transfer a maximum of 12 megabits per second (not to be confused with megaBYTES, which are much larger).

In my experience, writing to a CD over USB 1.1 took about 20 minutes for 500 - 600MB of data. For 4GB, that's about 7 times as much data and 7 times the length: about 2 1/3 hours.

Your equipment is functioning normally. If your external USB enclosure supports USB 2.0, you can purchase an inexpensive internal PCI Mac-compatible USB 2.0 card to attach it to that will probably speed things up. It is not related to the firmware update.