DVD Ripper


I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and now Handbrake and Mac the Ripper no loger works. Can someone suggest a program I could use as a replacement?


Ok thanks,
I thought I downloaded and reinstalled the programs. I will do this after work tonight.


I'm cool, I have a mac.
There is actually a version of MacTheRipper that works on Intel only, it is MacTheRipper 3. You can find it by doing some googling around, but it's not as easy to find because version 2.6.6 will generally pop up.

Thus, I'll just provide the download link for a short time.
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I have just RIPed my entire (>400) DVD collection to Hard Drive.

The old MacTheRipper/Handbrake workflow worked in its day. Not very reliably but it muddled through, sometimes.

My bulletproof and very efficient workflow is to now RIP with MDRP3 (Mac DVDRipper Pro) using Insert/RIP/Eject.

I then have presets in Handbrake 0.95 64 bit that I use to apply to those RIPs, adding them to the Queue and then just letting it run. The presets stick until you change them so it is a matter of just selecting and adding video tracks to convert. You need to have VLC 64 bit installed on your Mac to get Handbrake to do its stuff.

The only drawback is that Handbrake only saves to .mkv and .m4v, neither of which I want. So I have it set to save as .m4v then I rename the extension to .mp4 when I add the video to the Handbrake queue. Falling that I batch replace the file extensions in Finder.

btw I've done some experimentation and find the optimal setting for general use on the Mac or large screen TV is Average bitrate: 1200. 1500 looks slightly better but blows the size out.

The only reliable sub-titling is burnt-in and you can get multiple language tracks to work but not reliably.

It helps to have either a late model i5 or i7 iMac and tank it up with lots of RAM. Keep to less than 4 apps running so they all have their own core and it will blaze through the conversions.


I know DVDAid that works on my iMac when I need backup DVD movies to watch on my iPad Air. You could give it a shot.