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I notice hp have a dvd-rw drive on the market. When are the Mac's going to include such a thing.

Apple have always been on the bleeding edge ( firsts with usb, firewire, 802.11b, 1000BaseT, the list goes on ), so whene do you guys think we'll see dvd-rw Mac's??
Correct me if I am wrong,
but the last time I read something about DVD-R, DVD-RW and so on technologies they were all in a state of flux. There was no standard. I think that Apple's Superdrive is actually the first (or one of the first) DVDs to be compatible with Home DVD players.

Many different companies make DVD-Rs and RWs but each one of them has a different standard/format/capacity.

has anyone got an update on this matter ?
Superdrives can write the DVD-RW's that are on that "general" standard or whatever

only one company so far makes them and i forget whom
I know that teh superdrive cant do DVD-RW but its DVD-R CAN be played on commercial home DVD systems ;)
According to xlr8.com and other posts the superdrive can do DVD-RW but Apple doesn't officially support it. I think they are concerned that it may be a temporary format and don't want to be stuck supporting it for a long time. However, people say they can read and write them with the standard OS and others say they use Toast.

I have a superdrive but haven't gotten around to trying this yet.
AdmiralAK, I hereby invite you to come to my place, see me burn a DVD-RW, erase it, and burn another DVD-RW onto the same DVD-RW disc...believe me, it works ;)

The Pioneer (aka Superdrive) is a DVD-RW, Toast even shows it as a DVD-RW)...Apple just didn't mark it as one since there is no standard for DVD-RW till now...
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