E-mail Attachment


Using OX10.3.9 / Mail1.3.11(v622), Wireless Ethernet 128K connection. Has been in use for over 2 years and a clear line of sight to IP base 22 miles away. In the last month we have lost the use of being able to send any attachments, no mater how small (less than 200k). IP has not been able to solved this problem. We took our lap top to their office and can send E-Mail atachments. We can recieve attachments.

I have a new Dual 2GHz G5 with OS X Tiger. I am also unable to attach any files to emails since upgrading.

I can attach files from my work office Dell, but not from the Mac at home. I am accessing the same email accounts (Charter cable for home, Squirrelmail through APlus.net for freelance work).

I am positive this is a computer issue at home, not the ISP.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
The only way we can help you is if you help us help you! Please state what exactly happens when you try an attach a file to an email... does it successfully attach, but then the email doesn't send? Does Mail refuse to let you attach a file at all? If so, what error messages does it give you?

Simply saying "Mail won't attach" isn't enough information for us to be able to diagnose the problem.
Basically, when I go to attach a file (through a Browse field), the cursor just spins endlessly when I tell it to Attach the file. Many times I have to just quit out of email because it just seems to hang. There is no indication of an error. The status bar says 'Waiting for email account name.com".

Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you in advance for your help.