ejecting mini DVD/CD?

Robn Kester

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The drive in my mini died... So I reformated and reinstalled the OS even tho I had errors on the drive that just would not fix.

This install not even 2 weeks old went south. I think the drive was just too ****** to survive. SOmething for the OS was on a bad spot and it went into lala and never came back (im assuming probably virtual was there)

I got it to boot up once more, popped in the OS install DVD and before i could even reboot, it went south. Now I cannot for the life of me get the disc to eject or respond.

I tried holding the mouse down on reboot, the open firmware eject command, etc. There doesnt seem to be a manual paperclip hole to force it to eject so im not sure ow to get it out. ANd I need to remove the disc from the dvd-rw.

i am HOPING that when my new drive arrives this week that when I boot it, it will work to let me get access to the installer (and boot off it) but just in case..

Anyone know of any method to manually eject a CD/DVD from a laptop style drive manually without breaking the drive or the disc?



Your bad hard drive may be preventing enough access to the IDE bus to eject the disk. After replacing the hard drive, you should be able to eject the disk normally. Any of these 3 work on a Mac (among about 4 or 5 other eject 'plans')
Hold the mouse button down immediately at power up.
Hold the eject button on your keyboard at power up.
Hold the 'option' key at boot. When you see the blue screen, wait for the normal arrow cursor to return (your installer disk should show on that screen), and press the eject key on the keyboard.
Both the mouse button, and the eject key take some delay to work, but should work in less than a minute.

Robn Kester

I heart nothing
Thats what I was thinking that the bad drive was preventing the technics from working. I am hoping that it will eject no problem once I get the new dirve in. was acutally thinking of removing the old one to try it before the new one arrived.

I am also hoping that my DVD functionality will return once I get this all straightened out. I installed the newer super drive myself, and it worked like a champ. THen had the dirve go bad, reinstalled OSX from the mini's installer discs and the DVD reading function stopped working. it could write them no problem (and they read on other machiens no problem).

Id like to get Tiger to do this machine fresh with Tiger but no money till payday and I cant wait to get the machine up and running t hat long. its already been dead for a week and some days.

Robn Kester

I heart nothing
Update. Recieved my new HDD and put the newer DVD-RW/DL back in when installing it.

The machine booted right into the Mini Install DVD no problem. The bad HDD was definately the culprit, which I figured but wasnt sure.

Nice to have my Mini back working again.