Emac Sleep Mode Problems


My 3 day old emac's drive tray won't open after the computer has gone into and come out of sleep mode.

It took me a while to figure out what the problem was after I noticed the eject key would work sometimes and not other times. It is definitely the sleep mode.

Spent a while with Mac tech support this morning, talked me through resetting the power button on the board, resetting the vram, etc... didn't fix it.

I asked if I could just leave the sleep mode off forever, he said not a good idea because there will still be something wrong, might get worse and he suggested that I should take it back to the uni (it's 3 days old, still under warranty) and have them try to fix it, if not, it might be called 'DOA' and be sent back to Apple.

It's depressing, been a Mac user for 15 years and no problems. But I went online and have found a lot of discussion about the issues with sleep mode.

Bottom line, how serious of a problem is it, and should I send it back for a problem like this?
Well if your bran new car had problems with its brakes, you'd take it back. Being only 3 days old you are definetly in the Warranty, hassle yes, and you wouldn't know how long it would take to be returned to you.

Personaly if a new machine begins with problems it will be all the time with new problems adding. I'd see what the Uni techs say and if it's 'DAO', surely Apple will replace it :)