A long story, but I was cleaning up some old email accounts, changing one from POP to IMAP and in my APPLE MAIL I set the "TO" to show in order to help me do some diagnostic on the IMAP server.

What I found was interesting.

I have messages that are coming to an email address, let's say it's
Here's how it appears in the "TO" category:

9:33am Today <TuckerdogAVL@Server.Net>
but this is what's weird and I can't find an answer, so I thought someone in might know the answer.

Some of the emails show up like this:

9:33am Today <TuckerdogAVL@Server.Net> <TuckerdogAVL@Server.Net>

And this is what's even more weird:

You know how you can have your Mail show on the sidebar in Apple Mail?
Where you have your email accounts under Mailbox?
And then you have your IMAP GMAIL that just sort of lives on the same sidebar? But supposedly all that mail is going into a mailbox you've designated on the sidebar?

I just discovered that some of the emails aren't going into the mailbox (the ones that are double). So....
1. Why is this happening?
2. How do I correct it?

Very weird.

Maybe these will help:


In Geostationary Orbit
To run to see what Mail is doing startup Mail but fo to Mail's menu item 'Window' and select "Connection Doctor". When that is open click on the 'show Detail' and then have it check again. This time a printout will show and then you can see what the rue error is.

Also when you changed from POP to IMAP did you change that is the server side too? I ask because both side have to be setup the same way. T

lastly with you GMAIL account I sure hope you set it up properly as explained in the article Make Mail and Gmail play nice. See if this can help you with Mail using GMAIL IMAP.


Not sure what you mean by "changing the server side too?" However, I didn't change the GMAIL yet so that might fix the "going into the inbox issue". Still doesn't answer the duplicate emails though. Some of the duplicates are from email accounts that were originally set up as IMAP and have been running for 5 years. Just noticed this.

GMAIL is a pain when it comes to deleting mail I know that. I'll check out your article.

I'll try the connection doctor, but not sure what that is going to show or tell me.

Thanks for the quick response ... I have spent some time trying various combinations of "duplicate emails etc" and I did find some old forums (2009-2010) where people were talking about bugs, glitches.