Entourage 2004 Lost All Emial And Addresses With Logged Information And History.

bailey george

Hi, please can you help. This has happened before and I have used up my call help with Entourage support. They put this problem right before, but I can't remember how. I am low in computer skills. The other day I switched on my Mac osx 10.3.9 Powerbook g4 and went into Entourage and all my work and contacts and emails were gone, the mail wouldn't work and there was a welcome message as if I had never used it. My broadband is with Tesco, I called them and they reconfigured my logging in with correct passwords and my email is up and running, but the old emails have gone and all the stuff in my address book, around 200 contacts and logged history of tel. calls for work. I have imported an old saved file of some of them, but i need the one updated to the day this happened, could it be there are 2 users on this, i keep logging in on the only one listed, which is main identity, is there any chance of recovering this, please help as soon as posible, thanks, Mark.
Try rebuilding the Entourage Database by holding down the Option Key clicking on the Entourage icon to launch the program. This may help. Good Luck.