Entourage calendar lost in ical


I have Entourage 2008 and have since long enabled the sync feature to sync with ical and address book. I use Entourage mainly as sync engine and do my daily work in the standard MAC applications (mail, adressbook, ical).

Since a couple of days I noticed that events did not sync between Entourage and ical. I tried to disable and enable the sync option i Entourage to get it working again. Nothing happened.

In desperation i deleted the Entourage calendar in ical to get it to "reset" and create a new Entourage calendar. After reading various forums I realize that might have been a bad idea.

I have now been following the recovery steps as they are posted on http://www.entourage.mvps.org/syncservices/ical.html step 5. Does not work. I have downloaded the syncrospector and the "thruth" seams to be OK.

I can not get the entourage calendar back in ical with all these actions and I would really appreciate any help that will solve this issue.


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