Entourage error 3176

I am having a problem with entourage on a home network.
OS 1.5
Intel imac
Entourage - email program
I have enabled wireless connectivity to my husbands imac from my own.
I have also got Parallels on my own computer and this has a different Ip address
Parallels is using DHCP -
Imac is using DCHP -

We can both print to the same printer and he is able to get onto the internet though it is always slow to open when the computer is first turned on.

I am using mac Mail and he is using Entourage. The error message is:
Unable to connect to the server please check network setting etc. Error 3176.
I have checked the dns setting etc but wonder if the Ip address might be causing some interference.
Thanks for taking the time to look at this for me
Regards Gwen
I have enabled wireless connectivity to my husbands imac from my own.
This I don't understand. Do you have some sort of network bridge set up so your computer is broadcasting a wireless signal to your husbands computer? If that's the case no wonder you are having problems! Go pick up a wireless G or N router. Good G routers can be picked up for around $50 and will solve your problem for you as well as boost the connection speed on your husbands machine. Plus you wont have to have your machine turned on for your husband to connect.
Hi and thank you for taking the time to answer my query.

I have a Belkin wireless G Router and have 2 mac computers and 1 laptop coming off this to print and use the net.

I have also enabled both the new mac and laptop to have access to the internet from the base Router and my computer connection. Hope I am explaining this right?

I have no difficulty with the pc laptop getting on the net and nor do I have trouble with the base mac computer. It is the newer one in another room that has trouble with entourage and it needs to turn the computer off each time he uses the mail program. After he has opened his mail for the first time he does not need to restart the computer if he needs to check his mail throughout the day? I am confused and not sure what I need to do now. Thanks once again.
Kind regards
Gwen :(


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The answer to the error is here. It mean that the server SMTP is not setup right. If he is trying to send on port 25 to the SMTP server most ISPs block port 25 (the default SMTP server port) beyond their servers (to stop spammer on their network). So tell him to change the SMTP server to port 587 to see if that helps.
Hi again

Thank you so much for all your help with this and it has finally resolved itself. I truly appreciate your time spent.