Entourage v.X Database Issue


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Ok I've heard about it but never come across it... I have a user who's Entourage v.X DB looks to be corrupted I think. When launching Entourage a message appears "Entourage cannot access your data. To attempt to fix the problem, rebuild your database" Upon hitting Ok the following appears (Screen shots attached) "To rebuild the database, quit all other Microsoft Office programs and try again." that's it nothing happen after. Any ideas/recommendations?


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This is the one time Mac and Microsoft has made a semi easy fix for your situation and you will not loose email. Just mosey to Entourage in a Finder window (or directly from the Doc) and hold down the "option" key while clicking on the icon to launch Entourage. When the pop up box comes up, choose Rebuild Database. This SHOULD fix your problem.