Epson Photo 750 & Canon 8200 photo drivers

Kevin Sanderson

Could any one help,

I own an Epson Photo 750 printer and a Canon 8200 photo printer.

I have had OSX since it was released and cannot use any of my printers.

Does any one know when there is likely to be a driver released????

Originally posted by nmcg
Tried updating the Epson drivers with software update?


That update only adds support for a different language (I forget which one) to the current set of epson drivers. It does not add any new drivers. I have a photo 700, and cna't use it either. Very anoying.
Apple has a page in their knowledge base that lists compatible printers. The Epson compatibility is listed as:

* Stylus COLOR 680
* Stylus COLOR 740
* Stylus COLOR 760
* Stylus COLOR 777
* Stylus COLOR 860
* Stylus COLOR 880
* PM-720C
* PM-780C
* PM-880C
* PM-900C
* PM-3500C

(this is inconsistent with the Epson page)

I recently got a 780, but it is still listed as an unsupported printer in the Print Center so I can't add it (yes I have 10.0.3). Is there a work around?

If anyone knows a workaround it would be greatly appreciated. I can't believe that neither Apple nor Epson have made any attempts to get the remaining models to print. Can't be THAT difficult!:confused:
go to someone hacked print drivers for the epson photo 750 and they work!

i'm so happy!