Epson R2400 print driver


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I just took delivery of a brand new R2400, followed the installation instructions to the letter but can't access the advanced driver settings. All I can get are system print dialogs when I try to print. I have tried a test print on premium glossy from CS2 but the colours are horrendous. I need access to driver setting in order to select a profile and sort out colour management. This is driving me up the wall, I've reinstalled the software twice, reset Print Setup Utility, added the R2400 again...can somebody help? Maybe someone has experience with EPson drivers? Any advice appreciated. I'm running 10.4.2, CS2 on a DP G5 Powermac
I don't think you'll find many with actual experience.
Have you added the printer using the More Printers>Epson USB steps?
Have you checked HERE for updated drivers for your printer?
Even a brand-new product may have updated drivers available for download.
Thanks for your replies, installed the new driver and added it through the "More Printers" option in Print setup utility. I'm still hitting system print dialogs. I would prefer to use the official drivers from Epson and steer clear of Gimp for the moment. Anybody had this problem before?