"Error Reading Package" - MacOS Update


Hi all,

I'm trying to update my version of Tiger to 10.4.2. I downloaded the update from VersionTracker, which gave me a .dmg file. However, when I click on "MacOSXUpdate10.4.2.pkg", I get this error:

"Error reading package
There was an error while evaluating the Javascript for this package"

Anyone know what's going on? The same happened when I tried to install XCode 2.1 from the Apple site.

Well, it looks like you may have download a corrupt file. I would go over to the mother ship site and download the 10.4.2 Combo Update. Combos can be much better then just the plain update. This is because the combo update will replace the files (with the new file) not just update them.

Plus, if I were you I would grab the Java2SE 5.0 PRE 1. follow the directions, even after the download to use Java 5 because you have to check the Java Preference file in the Utilities folder to select to use 5.0.
I installed the Java 5 update, and downloaded the Mac OS Combo update. However, the same problem persists.

I am convinced it is not a corrupted package, otherwise it would have failed the checksum verification (plus i've downloaded it twice now).
Well it sounds like you may have some sort of corrupt preference file. To test this create another user and try the download (using that new user) to see if that works.