"error While Printing"


I've looked through all your faq's and i've seen this pop up a couple times.

I'm running OS 10.3.9

Out of the blue, my HP Laserjet 1300 printer stopped working. I've checked the connections, deleted and re-installed everything "printer related' through Printer Setup Repair. I've followed every single bit of advice that i've found on this board.

When I try to print from preview, I get, "Error while Printing"

when I try to print from Word, I get, "Word can not print due to a problem with the printer"

While using Printer Setup Repair, i logged into the printer through the web based CUPS admin, and I DID print a test page. So everything's hooked up and working.

Now, the only solution left to try is to reinstall the os.

I don't want to do that.

Has anyone figured out what this problem is? It seems to be common, and I'm hoping that by this point there's a solution other than reinstall the os.

Please help, this is really frustrating.



I hope you have this issue resolved.

The printing error while printing issue, completely went away for me by reinstalling the mac operating system from the disks that came with my computer. It also resolved other odd problems I was having (Photoshop was not able to open new files!). But the startup is still very slow.

Well you guys are fixing a small problem with a sledge hammer like a couple of Windows users. If you have printer problems (not hardware problems though) and stopped printing, then always use the excellent program Print Setup Repair. It will fix most any software printing issue. It will save your printer bacon many times over.