and Tiger


I've noticed on all three of our OS X machines (all running Tiger) that loads INCREDIBLY slowly...particularly, the fantasy pages:

We never had this problem on 10.2 or 10.3, not do we have this problem on Windows machines.

Worth note might be that "stopping" the load process a few seconds into it will actually show the site; it's obviously hanging up on something, but either isn't willing to show the site if there are incomplete items, or can't display the page.

Anyone seen this? Anyone have ideas? It's driving me ballistic..


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Try looking at the "Activity" window... from the menu "Window > Activity" to see what it's trying to load... look for anything that looks like it's hanging on loading or didn't load correctly.


Yeah, I've looked at it before...but I can't find anything "conclusive" from it.

It's super strange. After 30 seconds, there are some .gifs hanging out, waiting to be loaded..but they'll always load after a few more seconds.

The style sheet: is the only thing that's not loading...

Once it times out with the server, and can't load the style sheet, it seems like Safari goes ahead and displays the page.

Man, I'm struggling here...


It's all the garbage has on it. I use pithhelmet and created a rule. Keeps a lot of the garbage outs blocked and the page loads much, much faster.


From my blog:

Well, in a totally unrelated incident, I looked to expand the range of my wireless range throughout my house. I wasn't getting reception in the garage consistently, so I picked up a range extender (of the Linksys variety).

Little did I know that my wireless router is so old that it's only 802.11b; I guess that's part of the downside of being at the front of the line for new technology. Bottom line: my extender doesn't work without a g I upgraded the router.

After a few hours of tweaking everything in the house so that it worked as intended, I'm now on a g connection...and it FLIES. Not only are things loading a HELL of a lot faster, but my woes are gone.

It's strange to me that, while the 802.11b connection was decent, it appears to have been causing my problems with I don't get it. Perhaps the Windows versions of Firefox and IE just start displaying stuff when something's hung up? I dunno...either way, I'm golden now.