Ethernet Connection Problem


I have a G3 400mh w/1G of Ram running OS X 2.8. I've added a Sonnet PCI controller card and a 120G Hitachi hard drive. I am networking my home - at the moment I have 2 machines that until recently had DSL access through Verizon. After a recent electrical storm, I noticed the G3 no longer would connect to the web, which I had through the built in ethernet connection. I noticed at the modem/router that the machine no longer registered a connection, though my other G3 running os9 still functioned fine. And aside from no web access, the trouble machine is fine. I've ruled out problems outside the machine by changing the outlets for both machines at the modem/router with the same results. I purchased a used Apple PCI ethernet card, which now registers the machine at the modem, and 2 of the four lights on the card light green, but still no access to the web. My technical level is somewhere at midlevel. Any help is appreciated.
Have you tried connecting the B&W G3 to a different port on the router? Chances are if you had a storm bad enough to kill the G3's port, it also killed the port on the router as well.
I switched plugs at the router, getting the good machine to work on the port the bad machine had been using and it worked fine. Likewise, I moved the bad machine to the port the good machine was using, and still no good. In fact i've gotten the good machine to work on all ports. In addition, I've zapped the pram and reset nvram with no luck. Thanks again for the help
Have you enabled the new PCI card in the "Network" pane of the System Preferences, and disabled the internal ethernet port?
Thanks ElDiablo. I've recently switched to Macs. When you asked me about configuring the PCI card in Network preferences, I went back and checked. I had fiddled in there countless times already but didn't know what I was looking for. This time, after your comment, I noticed the new card was not even listed. I'd assumed the built-in ethernet choice merely switched to the new card when detected. I pulled the card out and plugged back in. Voila, OSX told me it detected the card, I selected and am set. Again, many thanks.