Excel Vba Scripting For Importing Delimited Text File


I can't validly refer to the file i want to import. here's the part of my code that doesn't work on my mac. it works fine on xp.

workbooks.opentext filename:="macintosh hd:users:alinsky:desktop:dly", origin:=437, startrow:=1, datatype:=xldelimited, textqualifier:=xldoublequote, consecutivedelimiter:=false, tab:=true, semicolon:=false, comma:=true, space:=false, other:=false, fieldinfo:=array(array(1, 1), array(2, 1), array(3, 1), array(4, 1), array(5, 1), array(6, 1), array(7, 1), array(8, 1), array(9, 1), array(10, 1), array(11, 1), array(12, 1), array(13, 1), array(14, 1), array(15, 1), array(16, 1), array(17, 1), array(18, 1), array(19, 1), array(20, 1), array(21, 1), array(22, 1), array(23, 1), array(24, 1), array(25, 1), array(26, 1)), trailingminusnumbers:=true


U.S.D.A. Prime
Have you tried using UNIX notation? I don't know much about Visual Basic, but usually paths must be defined in the native way ("\" for Windows, "/" for UNIX/Mac OS X, ":" for older pre-OS X Mac OSs [Mac OS 6/7/8/9])

/Macintosh HD/Users/alinsky/Desktop/dly