External iSight doesn't work with MacPro


I bought an original external iSight for my new MacPro (running OSX 10.5) and it doesn't connect properly. I have a pretty fully decked out MacPro with almost all add on's. I plug it in and the green light turns on for a second then shuts off. When I open iChat, it says the camera is being used by another application.

I have tried the camera on my PowerBook G4 still running OSX 10.4 and it works fine (other than not being able to see the other persons effects on iChat).

Also, the updater apple has does not work for 10.5 so is there something else that I am missing?


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Have you tried to reset your Pram yet?

Also people have reported that is you open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type:

sudo killall VDCAssistant

Then put in your admin password. This might help, good luck.