External iSight not working with leopard.


Hello all

I am running Leopard on iMac (with no built in cam).

My external iSight (firewire) has stopped working, its been ages since it worked i think about 2 updates ago. But I have lived with out it.

I now want to use it again.

I cannot find any drivers to get the thing working with Leopard. I am assuming its a leopard thing.

If i can not use the iSight Cam with my iMac does anyone know if any other external cam works with leopard?

Since my iMac is still in good condition and runs very well and fast I dont want to upgrade it just because it does not have the inbuilt cam.

Anyone can help?



The drivers are included in the OS, it's more likely that your iSight is broken, or that you have a problem with the FireWire port, either on the camera side or in the computer. You could also try another cable. I run Leopard myself, on both Intel and PPC Mac's, and my external iSight works well with all of them.


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First try to reset the SMU (while the iSight is unplugged). This worked for me last month when I had a similar problem.