External Laptop HDD enclosure not recognized


I just got an external laptop hard drive enclosure for my powerbook G4. I put an a 60GB laptop drive inside it, and connected it to my powerbook via USB (2.0).

I opened the disk utility to format the drive, but I couldn't view the drive in the disk utility.

Why doesn't my mac recognize it? I'm running tiger, and the light on the enclosure turns on, so I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Any ideas?

What kind of Macintosh are you using? What is the exact model of the external HDD enclosure? Does your Macintosh support USB 2.0, or just USB 1.1? Does System Profiler recognize that there's a drive connected?
It's a G4 powerbook, which supports USB 2.0.

The enclosure is a Kingwin KH-200S.

On their website, it says it only supports OS 8.6, but on the package that came with mine, it states that it will work w/8.6 or higher. Weird stuff...

System profiler does not recognize it. I don't really get it.

Strange... although "8.6 and higher" sounds like that case has been around for a while, and Mac OS X doesn't really fit that bill anymore (although there's no reason it shouldn't).

It's like saying "Windows 95 and higher" but some things carrying that moniker won't work under XP -- the technology has changed too much, much like 8.6 -> Mac OS X.

Do you have any other USB cables you could try?