External microphone for powerbook?


I have tried recording wav files to my 12' Powerbook using the built-in microphone. This works but can't be stereo.

I tried using a Sony microphone suitable for a minidisk player and whie this works, the volume is a lot lower and not really ideal. I need to turn up the volume for playback and get a lit of background hiss when doing this.

Any ideas for a suitable external microphone or even how to get the Sony microphone working better?

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John Bonner.


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Please search the forums and your boxed manual when you received the Powerbook. Modern Macintosh machines DO NOT HAVE A MICROPHONE PORT! They have a Line-In Audio Port. In common terms the different is a microphone port has power on it. A Line-In has no power on it is level so devices have to be self powered (like turn tables, external music reorders, etc.) Apple did this because the Macintosh is Huge in Music Circles. So your best bet would be to go to your local electronics store and get a USB microphone port. Or but a device like Griffin iMic.


I had that Sony microphone.. I think it is meant to plug directly to a line in,
and NOT a microphone input..

it sucked... and the volumes were low for me as well... can anyone suggest a very good microphone for excellent quality voice recording on a powerbook ????


Belated Reply:
I bought an iMic from Griffin and when I also installed iMic Controller I was able to boost the input manually. This had to be done manually each time as it was not possible to store input volume in iMic Controller. However, I got an acceptable volume this way.

I also tried Griffin Powerwave but this was not as successful, even using PowerWave controller. I had no option for increasing the input gain using PowerWave Controller. This product seems to be discontinued and was really no help to me for recording with that Sony Mic. (really works best using a MiniDisk recorder).

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