EyeTV, Placeshifting....


Any options for Mac that anyone knows off? I am refering to tools such as Orb (webware - http://www.orb.com) and Slingbox (hardware - http://www.slingbox.com)?

Basically, what I am trying to do is to be able to record (TiVo like) TV programs her in the US while being able to watch it on my Powerbook in India. I will be on assignment for nearly a year there and cant stand the thought of missing Boston Legal and the last season of West Wing....


Any thoughts, ideas?

It sounds like you would need an extensive Apple Script written for you to all of this. It would be complication and you computer would have to on to turned on during recording, transfered to you and then put to sleep again (the files would be absolutly HUGE). A cheaper and better way is to buy a Tivo like device, loan it to a trusted friend with instructions and have them send the compressed video to you via iChat or something like that.