Fail To Load Itunes From Full Screen To Full Screen



who can help?

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1
Safari 10.0.1

1. iTunes has been used in full screen mode and will therefore open in full screen mode next time. iTunes is currently not running.
2. Any application f.e. safari or console is running in full screen mode.

Reproduction path:
1. Having the application in front and in full screen I open iTunes by clicking the icon in the dock.
2. I hear an error sound. iTunes has opened but wont come to front in full screen mode as expected. Instead, it opens in the back and toggles to standard window size.

This error only occurs when both current application and iTunes is running in full screen mode ee.g. tries to open in full screen mode.



I think that full screen mode is a submode of Mission Control, providing an app access to a full-screen space.
So, if you already have an app (Safari, for example) using a full screen space, then launching another app that also wants a full-screen space, then it should work, assuming that nothing else, such as an open folder, is making use of that space already.

Anyway, seems like that should work, works on 10.12.2 beta (I don't have non-beta Sierra)
I can launch Safari full screen, launch iTunes, which goes full screen. Quit iTunes, relaunch, and it goes full screen again (while Safari continues in full screen, if there is space for it - I have to choose the space that it resides in, or click Safari icon in the Dock.

Is this something that has recently stopped working for you?
Maybe your settings in System Preferences/Mission Control pane need to be changed?
(Or, might be a fix when 10.12.2 is released, I read that update is expected next week.