Fan noise on 17"" imac G5


I purchased this machine a couple of weeks ago and My G5 is constantly starting up its fan under no work load whatsoever. It's never more than one or two seconds the fan works and it continues after I shut down every program that runs on it. Mostly no more than Safari and Mail.

It even seems to be less when I work on the damn machine and it looks like it can hear me too because after I started typing Damn Machine the fan started again for half a second. As I recall the problem was not here in the beginning. It runs on 10.4.2 now. Could this be the problem?
What's your ambient room temperature? If the room is warm, it would be normal behavior for the fans to run a lot more than if the room were cooler.

Other than that, I know of problems with early iMac G5 machines where the fan was excessively noisy, but the problem had been rectified in later revisions of the iMac (which you've got, unless the iMac is second-hand or old inventory from a non-Apple retail outlet).
I know you want to help and appreciate your advice but please....the room temperature is exactly 19 degrees celcius and it would take a lot of extra warmth in the room for the iMac to respond. The duration of the blowing is only half a second the fan doesn't spin up all the way so there is no way this could lead to any cooling.
I'm seriously thinking about visiting the Apple store where I bought it.

Anybody else any tips?
I discovered todat that the normal Harddisk temperature is about 34 degrees celcius. When the fan starts blowing the temp of the HD rises very shortly to 163 degrees. So it looks like a problem with the disk?
If it's new and in warranty I'd take it back. Backup your data to a DVD or whatever and get it fixed.
That is what I'm going to do. Placed a call to the local store already. sad thing is that I'm going to miss my baby for a whole week!
And is back again. But there doesn't seem to be anyone else with the same problem?

Ok, I'll take it back.
My Power Mac G5 does that. don't know why. i know it's no help to you but i've noticed the same thing over the past 8 months i've been using it. i'm doing nothing and the fan starts for 2 seconds and then winds down again. strange... it still gets going though when i'm working her hard which is the important thing.