fat32 mounted as unknown in tiger



I've been having problems with tiger and sharing a fat32 external firewire drive. One of the things i have noticed is that the drive is mounted in Volumes and has an owner of unknown......

If i look at it though info, it says that i have full access rites to it, however i can not change anything.

If i try a chown from su to change the owner to admin, it gives me a invalid parm error....so i try chown admin BIGDISK and this gives me the error....

Also when i use disk utility i noticed that i cant verify user permissions

are all these normal for fat32 ?

tia kkken
You can only verify/repair permissions on your startup drive -- the one that contains OS X. "Repair permissions" doesn't actually repair all permissions on the entire hard drive -- only for the applications that leave receipts in /Library/Receipts (do not delete anything out of that folder unless you know exactly what you're doing -- you'll lose the ability to repair permissions if you manage to delete the right file).

What kinds of files are on the FAT32 drive? IIRC, permissions shouldn't be enforced on an external FAT32 drive, unless absolutely necessary. Try doing a "Get Info" on the drive, then click the "Ignore ownership on this volume" under "Ownership & Permissions."
If you have a windows machine, run scandisk, you may have incorrect volume header information - I'm not sure if Disk utility can fix that.
I actually have 2 disks that are behaving the same way. The files that are on the disk consist of music, pictures, movies and html files for my home website. Nothing to exciting......

If i get info, i can't do anything to the disks. All it tells me is that i have read and write access to it.

I'll attach one of them back to the emac i have that is still running 10.3.8 and see if i can modify them

no they dont....they just show me that i have read and write access to them

that's what is confusing
What kind of Mac's do you have? Do you have one that can boot into OS 9? Other than that, I say all you can do is repair the volume using some Shareware/Freeware program for Mac.
i have emac (G4 700Ghz, 768M ) and a mini (g4 1.42GHz 1G). I can reload the emac into os 9. What shuuld i do once i've done that ?