fed up


I have a G5 that accept to connect to the windows network randomly :eek:
I mean whats the point of writing excellent windows network compatibility

Is there any software that can make my G5 stay on the network as the other PC do? What about the latest OS, the one with the funky adwares, apple says " even better windows network connectivity" (... trust em) is it true?

I just would like to click the alias and see the pc drive without getting freaky errors.

Please help ::love::
Well, since your network is probably unique, there's no telling what the problems could be. If you could report back with some specific, verbatim error messages we could try and see what may be causing the connectivity problems.

With that said, I have to say that, at least with Microsoft's VPN on MS Server 2000, setting up my Mac (10.4) was easier than setting up a Windows XP machine. This wasn't the case with previous Mac OS X versions, so I can say that area is definitely improved.
Connect to shares via SMB:// or CIFS:// - other than that, make sure that OS X doesn't go to sleep otherwise you drop the connection.
My network isnt unique at all..

I have a small wfi/cable network. The G5 is connected via cable; I am using a dlink 604+ modem/router.

The network connects 3 xp based machines and the G5.

I wanted the G5 to automatically connect to the network, at the startup and remain there untill logged off. .. just like the other windows machines.

To be onest I dont mind the go/connect/etc. thing; what really freaks me out is the fragilty of its connection. In my experiences the connection fails half of the times and is subject to sudden failures.

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance
Hey I have found this software, is called pc mac lan it claims: "PC MACLAN™ offers convenient features for smooth and efficient file sharing between PCs and Macs. With both IP client and IP server support, PC MACLAN™ offers a fast, more efficient alternative to AppleTalk.

PC MACLAN™ also offers the first and only complete bi-directional printer sharing between PCs and Macs."


I ll download the trial now, if anyone has tried this before please let me know your experience.

Here's a tip...

Once you mount the shares, drag them to the Dock. That way you will have aliases (aka shortcuts) on you Dock for those network shares in the event they get disconnected. Then all you would have to do is click on the alias and supply the appropriate authentication info (username, password, etc.).
Thanks for the hint, I ll try it straight away.

BTW the software mentioned above does little or nothing for osx.
Apparentely is much better for pre-osx. :confused:
You're not running the built-in Windows firewall software by chance (or the Windows anti-spyware craplication)? They can cause some serious problems with non-XP based networking (even with older Windows versions or *nixs). Your router should have a built-in firewall...try using that and disabling (if currently enabled) the software ones on the XP machines.